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The 5th Annual Gittle List Book Competition is NOW CLOSED for submissions!

1 winner per day will be announced on Facebook beginning Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 2017:

Follow Aviva on Twitter: @AvivaGittle and sign up for Gittle News at to stay current with the contest.



Please read the rules page in its entirety. The “Go To Contest Entry Page” button is at the very bottom (purposely). Many entrants have entered their books in previous years. The contest continues to evolve and the rules are not the same from year to year.

Guidelines & Eligibility

  • Who May Enter
    Any self-published children’s picture book author or illustrator in the world. (Artists can submit books on behalf of the authors whose books they illustrated.)
  • Two (2) books per author or author team.
  • Artists can submit more than two (2) books, but no more than two (2) books by the same author or author team.
  • You must be able to pay the contest fee through PayPal. No other forms of payment will be accepted. PayPal does accept credit cards. (Learn about PayPal.)


  • The book must be written in English.
  • The book must be self-published, available for sale, and may have been published in any year.
  • Contest is only for children’s picture books for children age 10 and under. (Up to about a 4th grade reading level. You can test this here.)
  • The eBook  or print book must be published and available for purchase. eBooks must be available for download from at least one major outlet such as Apple iBooks, Amazon, B&N, etc. Print books sold through a website with an obvious way to pay (like PayPal or an address to send a check to) is acceptable.
  • The book must be self-published either by you or through a publishing company you own, or a self-publishing service. Self-publishing services like CreateSpace, where they pay you royalties, but you own the rights is an example. As long as you own the rights, you are considered a self-publisher.
  • Not more than 1600 words. (Just the story; don’t include front / back matter in the word count.) If you’re not sure; email Aviva at
  • No word minimum. Picture-only and low word count books are fine.
  • At least 8 interior illustrations / photos.
  • Stories, books of poems/rhymes, educational (including ABC and counting books), board books, and interactive books are all acceptable.

How to Enter

  • Before entering, be absolutely sure that your book meets the submission guidelines. NO ENTRY FEE REFUNDS. You are responsible for ensuring that your book is eligible. Send an email to with any questions before you pay the entry fee.
  • Use the PayPal button on the “Enter The Gittle List 2017” page to pay the fee. Do not send your entry fee via email from your own PayPal page.
  • Select the fee option based on the date of entry. The earlier you enter; the lower the fee. (See Submission and Fees section.)
  • Email a good quality jpg or png of your book’s front cover and your publicity photo. (At least 1024 x 768 pixels.) to

Submission and Fees
A separate email entry form & fee is required for each book. Submit one copy of each title entered.  Mail books to:

Aviva Gittle Companies, LLC
330 Rayford Road
Spring, TX 77386

All print books entered become the physical property of Aviva Gittle Companies, LLC and will eventually be donated to libraries and/or charities.

If you have published and want your print book evaluated as a physical book, you must submit the actual book. If you have published an eBook, you must either gift or send the *.mobi or *.epub file so that Aviva can view the book as the buyer of it would. Aviva Gittle Publishing is no longer accepting PDFs of books. Aviva wants to ensure she is evaluating the book that will actually be purchased by readers.

Discounts are offered for entering early as follows:

Best Deal: Contest open date to April 30, 2017: $35 per entry (Now Closed)

Regular Entry Fee: May 1, 2017 to November 15, 2017: $40

Judging Process

Aviva Gittle, owner of Aviva Gittle Publishing, is the sole judge. She evaluates the book’s title, cover design, page layout / design, illustrations, story, writing quality, and story topic. The quality of the story receives the most consideration.

For picture-only books, emphasis is on illustration quality and appropriateness, the story told by the pictures, educational value, page layout, page design, and cover design.

Aviva Gittle’s decisions are final.

eBooks: The *.ePub or *.mobi file must be emailed, or gift / discount code and link to buy book provided, to by the final entry deadline of November 15, 2017.

Print books must arrive by November 22. 2017. (Postmark is waived for last minute entries.) Your entry will be confirmed via email. When your physical book is received, you will receive another email confirmation.

Opportunities for Entrants
Entrants will be given the opportunity to earn a free publicity package worth about $500. Announcements will be made throughout the submission period for entrants to provide their “story behind the story.” If your story is selected, Aviva will write a press release and article that promotes you, your book, and the Gittle List contest. Details will be provided. The article and press release are promoted on social media, including paid promotion on Facebook. Aviva reserves the right to not award this free publicity package.

Occasionally, Aviva will select an entrant’s book to use in promotions for The Gittle List contest. This could be a tweet, a Facebook post, a LinkedIn article or announcement, a Gittle Newsletter, or other social media.

Entrant’s book covers may be included in a promotional video.

There is no guarantee that any entrant will receive free promotion. The primary purpose of all promotions that include an entrant’s book cover and/or publicity photo are to increase the number of entrants to The Gittle List contest. These are cross-marketing opportunities.

In 2016, Aviva Gittle provided several entrants who did not win the contest feedback on their books. If you do not make it on The Gittle List 2017, Aviva will provide up to three (3) book evaluations free of charge to those entrants who are interested. Aviva reserves the right to not give any free book evaluations.

Awards and Recognition
At least three (3) winners will be selected. Up to seven (7) additional winners will be selected. Aviva Gittle Publishing reserves the right to only select three winners with no additional winners. In other words, the final list of winners will be at least three (3) and no more than ten (10).

All winners receive:
•    A 5-star review on Amazon and Goodreads.
•    An exclusive interview on for the author and, optionally, for the illustrator. The interview is promoted on social media.
•    A link to purchase your book from
•    Announcements on social media and press releases.
•    A  digital “The Gittle List” winner’s seal to use in your marketing and books.
•    Promotion of your interview(s)
•    Facebook post on The Gittle List Book Competition page announcing you as a Gittle List winner. The post will be promoted for one day with a link to The Gittle List contest announcement page where a link to buy your book is provided. (This is a paid promotion that can potentially reach hundreds of potential buyers.)
•    Your book will be included in a promotional video announcing the 2017 winners and encouraging readers to buy a book on The Gittle List.
•    Aviva will purchase at least one copy of your book. This ensures that those books sold on Amazon will receive a “verified buyer” review.

Announcement of Winners
Starting on or about November 30, 2017, one winner a day will be announced on social media.

Legal Stuff

Your entry into the contest and payment of the entry fee means that you have read all of the above rules, accept them, and will abide by them.


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  1. This sounds like a really nice competition. Shared on twitter and Facebook.

    • AvivaGittle AvivaGittle

      Robbie, you’re awesome! Thanks so much for letting indie authors know about The Gittle List!

  2. What a great way for self-publishers to showcase their work! I am very excited to submit our book, Chase-Man: How My Brother Became a Super Hero.

    • AvivaGittle AvivaGittle

      Glad to have you enter the contest again this year!

  3. Kathy Alba, PhD Kathy Alba, PhD

    I have a book that would be appropriate for this contest: (Burston the Bad, A Story for Childhood) which may be seen along with a description on under “Kathy Alba.” The only problem is that it has about 6,000 words–a paragraph of text on the left side of the pages with a full-page picture to accompany it on the right. Your limit appears to be 1,600 words. This breaks my heart because young readers have told me it’s one of their favorite books. You can’t make an exception, right?

    • AvivaGittle AvivaGittle

      Hi, Kathy:

      Hi, Kathy! thank you for your question. I don’t make exceptions. I’ll consider making changes to the rules the following year. 6,000 words, IMHO, puts the book in a different sub-genre of children’s books. But, you are not the first to ask me to consider increasing the word count limit. I’ll consider it again for the 2018 contest. If you have another book you’ve published that meets the guidelines, I hope you’ll consider entering it. Unlike other contests, I don’t care what year you published the book. I’m just looking for great indie children’s books to recommend. Should you have any other questions, please contact me at

  4. Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to all contestants

    • AvivaGittle AvivaGittle

      Thanks, Vivien! I’ll be announcing on Facebook the author who earned the #10 slot this evening (Thanksgiving).

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