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Artist Sarah Leigh-Wills #8 on The Gittle List 2017

#8 on The Gittle List 2017

Sarah Leigh-Wills illustrated Go To Sleep! by Marion Adams — #8 on The Gittle List 2017.  In her exclusive Gittle interview, Sarah shares 3 strange and wonderful things about herself. #3 is a quite a surprise!

How did it feel to win a spot on The Gittle List?  I wasn’t even aware that The Gittle List existed, so once I looked into it all I was very pleased that Go To Sleep! had been awarded a spot!

What’s you earliest memory of drawing or writing? (Some ideas: Where were you? I was a very inquisitive child! I have always loved ‘different’ things and absolutely LOVE animals! I remember drawing animal doodles all over my school books and a teacher once telling me off for decorating them all in such a way, I specifically remember him saying: “they will not earn you money when you get older!!!” haha! funny that, as they do now!

Interior illustration from Go To Sleep!

Which artists or writers most influenced or inspired your work? I ADORE the work of Quentin Blake… Always have. I love the loose expressions and the emotion captured in the finest of details! The ink flow and meant mistakes just add so much to his work… I really do adore the hand being able to be loose on a page and not having to conform to what we think is right!

What is your favorite color or color combination? I ADORE colour… infant my family have always branded me the ‘walking rainbow’ The more clashing colours the better for me! Is there such a thing as ‘perfect colour combinations?’ I dont think so… What works is where the colours are applied and how! Colour is such an amazing thing! It can alter a mood but also it can completely transform the mood!

Sarah Leigh-Wills’ workspace

Do you prefer to work digitally, by hand, or both? Both… I like to work on paper of corse… but i also love sketching on my ipad. Im not a massive vector fan… but i do the odd project here and there to keep a hand in 🙂 I think its good for personal development as a creative to explore other mediums etc!

Tell us 3 strange and wonderful things about you. HAHA only 3…. I will try!

  1. I have 4 rescued Guinea Pigs that live in my studio in little open top bachelor houses (they all like their own space, as they tell me!) yes…. I do indeed have conversations with them daily! They even have their own page:
  2. Original drawing by Sarah Leigh-Wills

    I LOVE sci-fi! Yep! I like the idea of thinking outside of this world and into the worlds of others and imagining all the weird and wonderful things that could be out there! If I could have a secret power it would defiantly be the Jedi Force! I am a soft touch for the baddies though… always cried when Darth Vader died!

  3. I am in a 80s Synth Tribute band with my husband called ELECTRONIX.
Sarah Leigh-Wills

Sarah Leigh-Wills is an award-winning children’s illustrator and author. An early calling as a vet at the age of 11 turned into a lifelong love of drawing animals. With a talent for knowing what makes children laugh and being able to engage with children on their level, Sarah has enjoyed a huge amount of success from her illustrations. Her project Night Night My Little Tiger is set to be featured on CBeebies Bedtime Stories. Sarah is known for her creativity, innovation and most importantly for the fun she brings to everything she creates.

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