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Nicole White – #1 on The Gittle List 2017

#1 on The Gittle List 2017

Nicole White, along with co-author Chisa Merriweather, won the #1 slot on The Gittle List for Chase-Man: How My Brother Became a Real Superhero. In her exclusive Gittle interview, she shares how a car accident changed her life path. (Read Aviva’s review.)

How did it feel to win a spot on The Gittle List? To be completely honest my first thought was about our hero Chase. No effort that we put in to get this book together could match what Chase had been up against and fought through. It makes it easier to have an inspiration like that little boy. I am proud of Chase and it was an honor to be part of his story.

What’s you earliest memory of writing? My earliest memory of writing something meaningful was in the 5th grade when competing in a D.A.R.E essay contest. My essay took home first place out of my classmates. My most proud however was when I was in the 8th grade when I received a high school scholarship for an essay I had written. A lot happened in my youth and the essay summed up was about the strength of my mother and her ability to take care of the family through all of the struggles. I will always remember how proud I was of her and how proud it made me feel to be recognized for the writing.

  1. Tell us 3 strange and wonderful things about you.
    I absolutely love to roller-skate, if I could skate around all day every day I would. Left up to me roller-skating would be the prime method for commuting.
  2. Another little wonderful tidbit about me; later this year I will be marrying my high school sweetheart. We’ve been together since ages 13 and 15.
  3. A little quirk about me is that I have a slight obsession with making my own natural remedies for health care / beauty products using natural remedies. Coffee grinds, egg yolks, oils and fruits you name it I’ve tried it.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? Some of the best advice given to me is to always be yourself, not to change who you are, or your beliefs to fit in. Let your weird, imperfect beautiful self-stand out. Be proud to be you, but always stay true and humble. This advice has helped me be brave in times when I was scared to be and has encouraged me to say how I feel or think without worrying about judgment.

What was a defining moment in your life? On December 3, 2014 I was in a car accident that totaled my vehicle and shattered my heel and ankle. I broke my leg and kneecap. It took 4 procedures to get me back together and extensive rehab. I persevered through the pain and I continued to push forward. With a great deal of work and support from my family I was back up on my feet sooner than expected. The whole ordeal would lead me on a path of physical/mental healing and also a new career in massage therapy which I decided to pursue after my experiences.

What gives you hope? Someone who is brave, a person with strength and courage. Also, babies/children have always given me eternal hope. When I look into their eyes and smiles I cannot help but feel hopeful for the future.

NOTE: Chase-Man was illustrated by 2-time Gittle List winner Cathy Reene. Read her exclusive interview.

My name is Nicole White. I am from the South Jersey area where I grew up in a big family. I’m the youngest of 10 which included four sisters and five brothers. For 7 years I taught pre- kindergarten which is where I met our superhero of the book, Chase Merriweather and his wonderful family. Since then I have gone back to school to become a massage therapist. I am a very passionate person. I enjoy cooking (and eating), reading all varieties of quotes, I’m obsessed with astrology and I love to laugh and joke around. I’m engaged to my best friend and in July of 2018 we are finally getting married! I can’t wait to have a family and see what the future holds.

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