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Liktoon & Ge’s Adventures by Radha Rai

Amazon Review by Aviva Gittle

5.0 of 5 Stars

November 24, 2018

Format Reviewed: Kindle

Teaches the lessons of hard work and teamwork

Absolutely delightful story! Liktoon & Ge’s Adventures is a fun and imaginative way to teach your child the importance of hard work, teamwork, and saving. Liktoon desperately wants a boat. When a magical creature, Ge, arrives and asks Liktoon’s to name one wish…well let’s just say that a boat does not just appear. Ge teaches Liktoon how to build a business so he can buy a boat. The story addresses setbacks in a business and how to not give up. How to partner with others to achieve your goals. I have read hundreds of children’s books. This is the first children’s picture book I’ve read on entrepreneurship. Highly entertaining and highly recommended.

I was given this book for free in exchange for my honest review.

Highly recommend. Available in Kindle and paperback.

Radha Rai is, first and foremost, a brand new mom! She is also a financial professional, community volunteer, author and entrepreneur, having earned her MBA from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business. Radha continues to be very passionate about promoting other women and girls.

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  1. HI Aviva, thank you so much for the review. I hope this book inspires all kids to learn more about money and entrepreneurship.

  2. Dear Aviva, thank you so much for this great review. Most financial concepts like entrepreneurship are abstract and fiction has been shown to help kids concretize and learn these concepts better.

    Our hope is that the little readers of the Liktoon’s boat book become more curious about money and ask relevant questions which kick starts their future financial education.

    Happy Holidays!

    • AvivaGittle AvivaGittle

      That is one of the key reasons I just loved Liktoon & Ge’s Adventures. No preaching; showing the value of money through story. And the perseverance it takes to run a successful business. Well done!

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