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This is exciting! You’ve decided to enter your self-published children’s picture book into The Gittle List 2018 Book Competition.

    1. IMPORTANT: Read the contest rules before you enter. Your book must meet certain criteria. NO REFUNDS. If you enter and realize that your book is not eligible, you will need to submit a different book or sponsor another indie author. (You may be able to get another author to reimburse you for the entry fee, but that is between you two.) Be sure to email Aviva to discuss your options at: GittleSubmissions@gmail.com. Entry fee is $49. You will need a PayPal account. Click here for instructions on how to set one up. (It’s free!)
    2. Enter the author name and book title below then click the “Buy Now” button. That will take you to the PayPal payment page. After you pay the fee, go here for instructions on completing your entry.

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