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Desirée DiGerolamo – #4 on The Gittle List 2016

Desirée DiGerolamo won the #4 spot on The Gittle List 2016 for I Am An Art Superhero. Read my review here. In this exclusive interview, Desirée shares the best advice she ever received. Of course it was from her mom. 🙂

#4 on The Gittle List 2016

How did it feel to win a spot on The Gittle List? In a matter of moments I felt shocked, excited, emotional and accomplished – then I went back to the site to check it again thinking I had made a mistake.

What was the inspiration behind your book? It was a very long journey getting I Am An Art Superhero to become a book. It began as an actual incident that happened in my art classroom. It evolved into a story I told friends, a “lesson” I taught my students, a fully funded Kickstarter project and ultimately a published book.

Interior illustration by Desirée DiGerolamo

Which children’s book contains your favorite illustrations? I would have to say that Jan Brett is one of my favorite illustrators. She has a very distinctive style with much attention paid to detail. I love details. Her colorful illustrations are filled with warmth and humor. The Mitten is one of my favorites.
What is your favorite children’s book? My favorite children’s book is Love You Forever by Robert Munsch and illustrated by Sheila McGraw. I read this book over and over to my boys when they were young. It perfectly describes a parent’s unconditional love for their children. It does exactly what a book should do – it makes you feel.

Interior illustration by Desirée DiGerolamo

Tell us 3 strange and wonderful things about you. I am fearless in my ability to follow my passions. I am simultaneously confident and insecure. I have a wicked sense of humor.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? My mother always said, ”You can be anything you want to be, as long as you are willing to work hard enough.” She was right – I have had many different careers in my life, each one of them a creative steppingstone to the next.
What was a defining moment in your life? Moving from Connecticut to Los Angeles by myself at 18 years old to pursue an acting career.

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Desirée DiGerolamo – #4 on The Gittle List 2016

I am a curious, creative soul who loves learning new things. My creative side came out early in life with my love of photography- I’ve always enjoyed capturing moments and nature on film. I began to write captions for those moments and that ultimately led to my writing books. I have worn many artistic hats. I was a working actress, a Trade Show spokesperson, directed Musical Theater productions, and am currently teaching Drama and Art to elementary students. My husband Jeff and I produce and sell a family line of olive oil, Rancho DiVine, from our ranch in Paso Robles, CA. Together we have raised two very creative sons, Dylan and Cody.

The Gittle List is a book competition exclusively for self-published authors of children’s picture books. It is hosted by Aviva Gittle, owner of Aviva Gittle Publishing. To enter the contest, select “The Gittle List” from the top menu, then “Contest Rules.”


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