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The Gittle List

One Category. One Judge. Up to 10 Winners.

The Gittle List Contest

The Gittle List Contest is a book competition exclusively for self-published authors of children’s picture books. Each year, Aviva Gittle, contest host and owner of Aviva Gittle Publishing, selects up to 10 books to feature on and promote during the holiday season.

It’s all about indie authors

The Gittle List is unlike any other book competition. The goal of the contest is to promote indie authors. It is not just the authors who make it on The Gittle List who win. During the submission period, which runs for nearly a year, entrants are given opportunities to earn free promotion. Learn more.

No “trad” books allowed

Your book must meet the submission guidelines, but first and foremost it most be a self-published book. It does not have to be newly published. You can have other  books that are traditionally published  — but they cannot be entered into this contest. (Am I a Self-published Author?).

It feels like Christmas

Aviva Gittle is passionate about The Gittle List contest because she is a true lover of children’s picture books. As a self-published author, she knows the hard work that goes into creating and publishing a book. The contest is in its 5th year. Each year, for Aviva, is like Christmas Day. Reading and discovering great indie children’s picture books is a gift.

Will it be your book this year?

Read the 2017 Contest Rules.

See previous years’ winners:





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